UX/UI Design and Illustration

Hello! My name is Helena and I'm an illustrator and UX/UI Designer based on Madeira Island. Most of my experience comes from the research background, where I developed my interest in collaborating with other creatives to expand my knowledge in the field.

Because my past work has mostly been focused on the UI side, recently I have been studying towards improving my UX research skills, as well as exploring how to approach accessibility and inclusivity on the web.

Helena Walking with sketchpad and autumn leafs floating around

UX/UI Case Studies and web design

My portfolio is composed of work that I have developed at previous companies, as well as personal projects that I used to practice new skills.

Digital business cards app Digital Business Cards

Vipa Digital Card is a product that designed to read a QR Code or use NFC from a physical card in order to exchange a business contact.

PlanCo website PlanCo - Workshop

Workshop project from Flux Academy, in which I had to create a website that encouraged users to fill in a survey for exploring new locations.

Web design Web design projects

Check out a compiliation of my web design work. I used Figma as my main tool to create the designs.

madeira Safe web platform Madeira Safe (Coming soon)

Web platform to help the public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case travelers were exposed to covid-19 during their travel to the Autonomous Region of Madeira.


I love to integrate my own illustrations with the UX/UI work, and contribute to the overall appeal of a brand with a personal touch.

vipa connect illustrations
vipa connect illustrations
vipa connect services illustration
vipa connect booklet illustration
SeeHealth Lda. website illustrations